how do I make my home more eco-friendly?

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Is a question we get asked fairly frequently, so we thought it might be helpful to share six of our favorite easy tips to be more eco-friendly within your home.

  1. One of the easiest things you can start out by doing is making sure to recycle whenever possible. Always try to buy products that have recycled, recyclable and eco-friendly packaging, it’s helpful to try to remember what your local township can and cannot recycle before buying. Don’t be fooled by the lookalike symbols often shown on branded packaging (anything but the symbol shown below!). These logos do not mean that the product is recyclable!

  1. Another simple action is to be mindful of food waste. It’s is a huge problem in the US, and you can do your part to reduce it and save money in the process. A great way to create a more affordable eco-friendly home is to meal plan! By planning your meals in advance, you can stop yourself from buying food you don’t need. You can also freeze any leftovers and eat them throughout the week, for an easy cost-free instant-meal. Saving money, and the planet…win win!
  1. Cutting down on meat and dairy is another great way to be more sustainable at home. We know this might not be easy for some of us who have only ever had meat and dairy based meals. However, start small and build up, perhaps go vegetarian one day a week or test yourself by cooking a vegan meal once a month. smol things can make a big difference 😉 
  1. Buy eco friendly cleaning products. Many cleaning products contain lots of unnecessary chemicals, packaging and animal products. Common animal derived ingredients to look out for are: caprylic acid, tallow, keratin, collagen, animal glycerol, animal lecithin, elastin, steric acid and oleyl alcohols. Unfortunately, it is also very common for cleaning products to be tested on animals. For a super easy cleaning swap, why not try smol. Eco-friendly laundry pods are both cruelty free, vegan and… you guessed it… delivered in eco-friendly packaging all for a better value than the big brands. Tick, tick, tick, tick!!


  1. Another relatively simple way to be more sustainable at home is by trying to reduce your water use. It’s so easy to turn the tap off when not in use, and why not try installing a rainwater tank for your garden? They’re pretty inexpensive, and they’ll fill up in no time!! Harvested rainwater can be used to water the garden in summer or clean the patio or garden furniture.
  1. Our final tip is a really, really easy one. Get a house plant! Plants such as bromeliads, dracaenas and spider plants work wonders to improve the air quality by absorbing nasty harmful chemicals. Make your house greener by adding green 😊


And there you have it, our six smol tips to building an affordable, sustainable home.


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