We’re not exactly sure who wants to read a blog about laundry (or dishwashing), but having one helps more people find us on the internet – so every so often we’ll post an update, maybe some detergent trivia, perhaps a joke about non-bio, sometimes even an ode to the dirty dishes. Welcome to a smol blog. posted.

a smolly jolly christmas

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In the run up to Christmas we're here to remind you that lots of wrapping paper isn't recyclable...and it's estimated that a whopping 1 million tons of it gets thrown away in the US at Christmas each year 😱😩 Brown paper, on the other hand, is recyclable and much cheaper! Plus, it can still look beautiful under your Christmas tree🎄🎄🎄 If you want to jazz up your brown wrapping paper a bit, you can always use paint or stamps to bring a bit of color to your gifts! (And, this can be a great Christmas craft to get the kids involved in…...

big is dead, long live smol.

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