Big is dead,
Long live smol.

We founded smol because we believe there is a better way to buy laundry detergent.

We are smol.

We believe it’s the little things that can make a big difference. Great quality, fantastic smelling laundry capsules, regularly delivered to your home at the best price, guaranteed.

So simple you’d have thought the big brands would have done it already.

Turns out big is not always best.

No b*llsh*t.

We wanted to start a company that talked to our customers as we talk to each other.

No gimmicks, no magic tricks, no cheesy advertising. Just straightforward and honest.

Do you believe in the laundry fairy?

Just tell us how often you do the laundry.

...Ta-da! ...

We will send you exactly what you need when you need it.

Not as amazing as actually doing the laundry for you. But it’s a good start.

No need to overpay.

By cutting out the middleman you can enjoy fantastically clean fragrant laundry at great value compared to your normal brand. Who knew?

Always and forever.

And that’s a promise.

Try new smol laundry capsules for free.

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