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Big performance. smol price.

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Big performance.

We have created the most effective concentrated laundry capsule in the world.

So concentrated it is smol enough to deliver direct to your door.

Smol price.

By cutting out the middleman and delivering direct you can save both time and money.

A laundry revolution?
Maybe just a smol one ;)

How it works.

  • fantastic clean laundry

  • great value

  • eco-friendly

  • cruelty free

Trial for free

Start with 9 free washes. Just cover the $1 for postage.

regular delivery

Our capsules cost as little as 20¢ per wash. Tell us how often you do your laundry and we will regularly deliver what you need.

Stay in control

Running out fast? Not washing so often? Cancel or pause at any time, or modify your order using your login.